Article from 2/26/2022

Current trends in precision gears

New trends in mechanical engineering and automation technology offer many opportunities for innovation. NABTESCO, the world leader in precision gearboxes in robotics, responded to these requirements and constantly developed new product variants for a wide variety of applications. Some innovations from research and development in recent years can be found in the following report.

New gear type RV-2800N

One of these highlights was presented at automatica – the leading trade fair for intelligent automation and robotics in Munich. The RV-2800N, currently the largest precision gearbox in the world, sets new standards in this product segment.

The basic technical data: 

  • Rated Torque: 28,000 Nm
  • Acceleration / deceleration torque: 70,000 Nm
  • Emergency stop torque: 140,000 Nm
  • Hysteresis loss: < 2 arcmin
  • Outer diameter: 720 mm

These gearboxes are used wherever high loads have to be precisely positioned under limited space conditions.

High speed and extreme compactness

The RF-P series gearboxes are designed for high output speed applications and are therefore particularly suitable for use in DELTA and SCARA robots as well as wheel drive in automated guided vehicles (AGVs). The torque range is 190-320 Nm, the maximum output speed 200 min-1.

As a special design, the RF-P gearboxes are combined with a Mecanum wheel. The special design of these wheels allows omnidirectional movements, so turning at the stand is possible without maneuvering or turning circle.

Improved lubricants

Bildquellen: © Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH

“Who lubricates well drives well” is a well-known phrase in mechanical and plant engineering. True to this motto, Nabtesco not only develops the product range further, but also deals intensively with the topic of tribology. The result of continuous development and research are the two products Vigogrease RE0 and RV Oil SB150.

Vigogreasew RE0
Like its predecessor Molywhite Grease RE00, which has been tried and tested in practice for many years, the Vigogrease RE0 is also based on a composition of synthetic and mineral oils with EP additives. By optimising this combination, the viscosity could be increased, which subsequently leads to an improved starting efficiency.

RV Oil SB150
The steadily increasing demand for shorter cycle times and the resulting higher output speeds were the trigger for the development of a suitable synthetic lubricating oil. The great advantage of the lubricating oil over the lubricating grease is its higher heat capacity. The uniform heat distribution inside the gearbox ensures effective cooling, which has been verified in numerous tests and analyses.

Both the Vigogrease RE0 and the RV Oil SB150 enable low-maintenance operation. On request, the gearboxes are delivered pre-filled with the appropriate lubricant, which saves time when commissioning the system.

Image sources: © Nabtesco Precision Europe GmbH

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