Article from 7/21/2022

Dimensioning of electric lifting cylinders with ball screw

For many applications in mechanical engineering and automation with special requirements for performance, precision or duty cycle, electric lifting cylinders with ball screw are the ideal drive solution. However, the prerequisite for this is the correct dimensioning for the specified loads and the required service life.

If these data are known, an exact service life calculation of the ball screw spindles as well as an optimal design of the other components such as motor and transmission can be carried out.

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Article from 5/19/2022

Insight into the assembly of planetary gears at ATP

Whether in undercarriages of crawler vehicles, in lifting and pivoting systems of crane systems, as drives for conveyor technology in the steel industry or cable winches in stage technology, the fields of application of planetary gears are diverse and demanding. The extensive modular system and the modular design of these special industrial gearboxes enable the optimum gearbox configuration for every application.

Trouble-free operation with low operating and maintenance costs can only be ensured by careful gear assembly.

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Article from 2/26/2022

Current trends in precision gears

New trends in mechanical engineering and automation technology offer many opportunities for innovation. NABTESCO, the world leader in precision gearboxes in robotics, responded to these requirements and constantly developed new product variants for a wide variety of applications. Some innovations from research and development in recent years can be found in the following report.

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Article from 11/18/2022

The largest cycloid gearbox in the world

With a rated torque of 28,000 Nm, the RV-2800N from the Japanese gearbox manufacturer Nabtesco is the largest in the world. Gearboxes and robots are becoming smaller and more compact, so the development in this direction is somewhat unusual but quite interesting.

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Article from 8/24/2022
Expansion of the RS series
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Article from 8/21/2022
Servo lift cylinder
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Article from 8/10/2021
New gearbox series - Neco®
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Article from 7/2/2021
Drive Technology & Cycling - Team Felbermayr Simplon Wels at ATP in Marchtrenk
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