Article from 8/24/2022

Expansion of the RS series

The Nabtesco RS series stands for high-precision positioning of heavy loads. Compared to conventional rotary tables, this solution has a clear advantage in many applications. Nabtesco has therefore extended the series with a new size: The RS-50A positions loads up to 1,000 kg with high precision and ensures significant performance increases in handling and assembly.

The RS series features an integrated right-angle gearbox and a sturdy, durable construction. It has been designed for high loads, positioning accuracy < 1 arc.min and is clearly superior to conventional camshaft or worm gears in positioning. Thanks to the integrated cycloid gear, high-precision positioning can be carried out.


  • reliable, accurate positioning of heavy loads
  • Main bearings allow axial loads up to 9t (RS-900A)
  • Hollow shaft (for passing through cables etc.)
  • Cast iron base for stable floor mounting
  • Easily accessible, right-angled mounted motor

Areas of application:

  • Robotics
  • Machine tools
  • Welding positioner
  • Turntables

Sizes of the series:

 RS- 50A 260A 320A 400A 900A
 max. Axial load [kg] 1,000 2,500 5,000 7,340 9,000
 Rated torque [Nm] 480 2,548 3,136 3,920 8,820
 perm. Accel.-desg.Torque [Nm] 1,225 6,370 7,840 9,800 17,640
 Emergency stop torque [Nm] 2,450 12,740 15,680 19,600 35,280
 max. Output speed (ED=100%) [min-1] 30 21.5 20 20 10
 Hysteresis loss [arc.min] <1 <1 <1 <1 <1
 perm. Tilting torque [Nm] 2,480 12,740 20,580 24,500 44,100


Example Application RS-900A


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