Article from 8/10/2021

New gearbox series - Neco®

The servo gearboxes of the Neco® series offer high power density, extremely effective corrosion protection and maximum flexibility in motor connection. In addition, Nabtesco has developed a modular system that allows the customer to quickly and easily configure his desired gearbox.

Neco® series at a glance


  • Extreme precision (hysteresis loss = 0.5 arc.min)
  • Overload safety (500% of rated torque)
  • Economical plug and play solution
  • Modular system
  • Comprehensive corrosion protection
  • Maximum flexibility in motor connection
  • More dynamic cycles thanks to low inertia clamping ring
  • Minimal design and assembly effort
  • Durable and low-maintenance

The neco-cycloid gearboxes achieve very high precision with a hysteresis loss of only 0.5 arc.min. Thanks to double-bearing eccentric shafts and mounted drive shaft, the gearboxes are extremely robust. The motor shaft adaptation takes place via a radial clamping ring using the low inertia concept. This clamping ring reduces the inertia on the motor shaft by up to 39% and thus enables extremely dynamic cycles.

The Neco gearboxes are currently available in 3 sizes:

  • Neco-25
  • Neco-42
  • Neco-125


Further information can be found on the following product page under Downloads in the catalogue Neco®

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