Article from 11/18/2022

The largest cycloid gearbox in the world

With a rated torque of 28,000 Nm, the RV-2800N from the Japanese gearbox manufacturer Nabtesco is the largest in the world. Gearboxes and robots are becoming smaller and more compact, so the development in this direction is somewhat unusual but quite interesting.

The RV-N series gearboxes are compact, powerful and lightweight at the same time. They are therefore used in particular, where high torques are required, but only little installation space is available. The powerhouse is in great demand in the automotive industry, the robot industry and also in cranes.

The compact design of the RV-2800N is due to its main bearing with integrated inner ring. With an emergency stop torque of up to 140,000 Nm, the gearbox is used, wherever particularly heavy loads need to be precisely and accurately positioned.

Originally, the gearbox was developed for a well-known robot manufacturer who wanted to move complete bodies with a robot. Thanks to its robust and compact design, it meets even these demanding requirements.

Hard facts:

  • Reductions: 211 / 232.72 / 274
  • Rated Torque: 28,000 Nm
  • perm. accel.-/deceleration torque: 70,000 Nm
  • Emergency stop torque: 140,000 Nm
  • Torsional stiffness: 15,600 Nm/arc.min.
  • perm. Tilting torque: 62,000 Nm
  • Axial load: 70,400 Nm

Functional principle of the cycloid gearbox


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