Every year, tonnes of building material residues of brick, concrete or asphalt from construction and civil engineering accrue. With mobile crushing plants, targeted recycling of these valuable raw materials can take place right on the construction site.

This eliminates the need to transport away the building material residues and deliver the new materials, which would lead to an additional burden on the environment due to CO2 and noise emissions, as well as to increased costs for material and handling. 

The main drive of the mobile crusher is via the diesel engine, to which the mechanical clutch is coupled via the highly elastic rubber disc clutch. The V-belt drive for the drive of the generator and hydraulic pump is located at the input of the clutch.

At the output of the clutch, the fluid coupling with V-belt drive for the crusher rotor is mounted directly on the output shaft. The fluid coupling allows a smooth soft start when starting the diesel engine to prevent peak loads or stalling of the engine.

An electric lifting cylinder can optionally be used for automated shifting of the clutch.

Image source: © RUBBLE MASTER HMH GmbH / RM 100