Torsionally rigid couplings



ATP has an extensive range of rigid couplings

The rigid couplings include gear couplings, barrel couplings, as well as torsionally rigid and maintenance-free multi-disc couplings.

These types of clutches can be supplied in different configurations and compensate for axial, radial and angular displacements. 

Tooth coupling
Multi-disc coupling

With high-quality barrel couplings for use in crane hoists, winches and lifting platforms, we offer our customers maximum safety. The barrel couplings positioned between the gearbox and the cable drum function like a joint. As a result, the connection is determined statically. High bending moments are prevented. The sealing of the interior prevents the penetration of dust, the required lubrication is guaranteed.

Due to the profile of the barrel rollers and the toothing, the barrel couplings are exposed to a significantly lower bending stress on the tooth base compared to tooth couplings.
For this reason, a higher safety factor for bending stresses and radial peak loads results.

  • Torque range: 7,500 Nm - 1,300,000 Nm

Tooth couplings are becoming increasingly important. They offer high torque capacities and can also cope with extreme load peaks, such as when starting up or when overloading. ATP offers tooth couplings in various series for many special applications. Special toothed couplings are also manufactured according to customer drawings.

The toothed coupling MT is a double-jointed coupling made of steel. The coupling compensates for shaft displacements by means of the relative displacement of the hubs and toothed sleeves. Thanks to the crowned toothing, angular deviations can be compensated.

  • Torque range: 850 Nm - 18,000,000 Nm

The clutch discs LAMIDISC® are made of high-strength stainless steel (AISI-301) and thus guarantee high strength and resistance to a wide variety of environmental conditions.

  • Torque range: 240 Nm - 6,322,000 Nm

The LAMIDISC® coupling can be supplied in different configurations and individually adapted to the respective application. Disc couplings take up the axial, angular and radial offset and offer the following advantages:

  • No maintenance necessary
  • Machine offset can be evaluated by observing the lamella state
  • The coupling is torsion-resistant and without play
  • Wear-free and high resistance in aggressive environments

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